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We asked all parties and candidates 10 questions.

  1. Prayers in Parliament

Prayers in Parliament are an important reminder that we must all ultimately answer to the higher authority of Almighty God. The prayers, which consist of a request for divine guidance and the Lord’s Prayer, are an expression of the Christian foundation of our nation. According to the latest census, about 52% of Australians identify with Christianity.

Would you vote to support the continued opening of State Parliament with Christian prayers?

  1. Prostitution

Problems with prostitution, including drug abuse, street and child prostitution, have escalated in other states following legalisation or decriminalisation. By contrast, the Nordic model of prostitution law which criminalises the purchase of sex has been proven to protect sex workers from exploitation and reduce trafficking.

Would you support the adoption of the Nordic model of prostitution law that protects women from exploitation?

  1. Abortion

The SA abortion toll of over 4000 deaths per year is a tragedy. Studies show that pregnant women who abort their unborn babies, often wrongly believing they have no other option, are more likely than other women to suffer depression, other illnesses and even death in the months or years that follow. SA laws should protect unborn children and their mothers from abortion.

Would you vote to restore protection from abortion for unborn children in South Australia?

  1. Euthanasia and assisted suicide

Euthanasia and assisted suicide deliberately kill persons who may be suffering. They do not include ending burdensome or futile treatments. Evidence shows legal euthanasia may lead to the death of people who are depressed, not terminally ill and who do not request lethal injection. Society is better served by improved palliative care.

Would you vote against any proposal for legal euthanasia and assisted suicide?

  1. Child abuse

International evidence demonstrates that children raised by heterosexual married parents are at a significantly lower risk of abuse than children raised by cohabiting or single parents. Adequate data collection is essential to identify abuse risk factors and help protect children.

Would you support the collection of data on gender and marital status in confirmed cases of child abuse?

  1. Illicit drugs

Australia has one of the highest per capita rates of use of illegal drugs in the world. The "harm minimisation" policies of the past have failed because they sustain drug users in their habit. Sweden's successful harm prevention policies include mandatory treatment for addicts.

Would you support drug policies that focus on harm prevention, with a drug-free goal for treatment of addicts?

  1. Poker machines

South Australians are spending hundreds of millions of dollars a year playing Poker machines. This is associated with high social impact, including family breakdown. Poker machines entail a particularly addictive form of gambling, and should not be conveniently accessible in hotels and clubs.

Would you support a bill to phase out poker machines from hotels and clubs over the next ten years?

  1. School pastoral support

Government policies prevent Christian Pastoral Support Workers from sharing about their own faith. They may not commend the precepts of Christianity - even though they are employed under the auspices of the Head of Churches Committee to provide distinctively Christian pastoral support.

Will you support moves to allow Christian Pastoral Support Workers to serve without undue restriction on their freedom to commend the Christian faith?

  1. Safe Schools and Bullying

While no form of bullying is acceptable, the Safe Schools program normalises homosexual and transgender behaviour. It has increased identity confusion and has provoked the bullying of children who hold conservative values. However, programs specifically targeting all forms of bullying are successfully addressing the root causes.

Would you recommend that schools replace the Safe Schools program with a curriculum that encourages respect and courtesy for all?

  1. Adoption laws

When children are relinquished for adoption, their need to grow up in an intact family with a mother and father who are married to one another should be protected wherever possible. There is overwhelming evidence that children do best with both a father and a mother – something same-sex couples cannot provide.

Would you vote to repeal the SA law which currently allows same-sex couples to adopt children?

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How the parties responded

Scoring Key

10 Yes, Definitely 7 Probably 5 Unsure 3 Unlikely 2 Definitely Not 1 No Comment
Party1.Prayers2.Prostit'n3.Abortion4.Euth'a5.Child abuse6.Illicit drugs7.Poker machines8.SPS9.Safe Schools10.AdoptionTotal

Australian Concervatives


10 10 10 10 10 10  7 10 10 10 c 97

Nick Xenophon's SA-BEST


1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 10

 The following political parties have been contacted, but have not responded to our survery to date: Labor Party, Liberal Party, The Greens and Dignity Party.

Detailed responses

Australian Concervatives

Q1. Prayers in Parliament: Yes, definitely.

Q2. Prostitution: Yes, definitely.

Q3. Abortion: Yes, definitely.

Q4. Euthanasia and assisted suicide: Yes, definitely.

Q5. Child abuse: Yes, definitely.

Q6. Illicit drugs: Yes, definitely.

Q7. Poker machines: Given the major parties will not cease a reliance on poker machine revenue, our policy is to address the issues that cause problem gambling, to remove easy access to money from the clubs as well as signage and to ensure assistance is available to those who need it. We currently view online gambling as one of the biggest issues requiring more focus due to its significant growth, insufficient regulated protections and restrictions, and the fact that it is so readily accessible.

Q8. School pastoral support: Yes, definitely.

Q9. Safe Schools and Bullying: Yes, definitely.

Q10. Adoption laws: Yes, definitely.

Nick Xenophon's SA-BEST

Thank you for your correspondence seeking SA-BEST's feedback on response to the FamilyVoice Australia Survey.

Over recent weeks we have experienced a significant number of requests for meetings and specific information about SA-BEST's view and policy positions.

As you can appreciate, it is a very busy time for all our candidates. Being a very young party, we have very limited resources. As a result, and most regrettably, we will be unable to attend to your request before the election on 17th March.

Should SA-BEST be successful in this upcoming election and we are able to secure representation in the next Parliament, we will give your proposal full consideration.

Should you require further information about any of SA-BEST's policies, we encourage you to view them on our website: https://sabest.org.au/sate-policies/

Kind Regards,

The SA-BEST Team

Score due to 'no comment' - 10/100


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